100-4004.5-5.6L 100-400mm4.5-5.6L 100-400mmL 100mm 100mm 2.8 Macro 100mm2.8macro 17-55mm 3.5-5.6 18-55mm3.5-5.6IS 2.8 365 365 Challenge 50D 50mm1.8 55-250 IS 7D Abstract Acorn alvar App Apple art Avian barrie Barrie Waterfront Bbear creek wetlands bear creek wetlands Bee bettle bird Bird Barrie Bird Count Bird Photography Birding birds Blackbird Blue blueberry Blue-winged Teal Blur Boreal Brereton Field Naturalist's bunting butterflies butterfly CA Camera Canada Canon Canon 50D carden Carden Alvar carden alvar sparrow swallow thrasher phoebe swallowtail hawk Cardinal catbird CCanon 50D Chickadee chicory Clouds Composer Conservation Cormorant CS5 Dark-eyed Dark-eyed Junco Double Optic dove Dragonfly Duck ducks EF 100-4004.5-5.6L IS EF 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS EF 100mm 2.8 Macro EF=S 55-250mm 4-5.6 IS environment fair trade coffee False Solomon's Seal Farm Female FFlower Flickr Flower flower wildflower trillium red sunnidale park Flowers Forget Me Not Fort Willow CA Geese Goldfinch Goose Gray Jay Great Blue Heron Gull Hairy Woodpecker Hamilton hdr Head Angle high park Humber Bay Park Hummingbirds Ice In Hiding iphone Jay JPEG Junco Kempenfest Landscape landscapes Leaf Leaves Lensbaby leslie spit Lily Llama Long Weekend macro Male Mallard Maple Leaf Mattawa Minesing Wetlands mockingbird mourning Mourning Dove Nathan Beaulne Native Nature Night Northern Shrike Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Area nuthatch Oak Ontario Ontario Canada Oro Pan Blur Pear Jam Pearl Jam perched PFW Photography Photography Tip Pileated Woodpecker Pine Pine Tree Piping Plovers Point and Shoot Powershot Sx5 IS Pre Focus Purple Purple Loosestrife PWT Photography Queen Anne's Lace rabbit Ramsar Raw Rebel XS RebelXS Red Redpoll Red-tailed Hawk Review Ring-billed Rough-legged Hawk S Samuel de Champlain PP scaup Scenic Scott Kelby shade grown coffee Shrike Simcoe County slow shutter snow Snow Barrie Sparrow Spruce Subject Sumac sunnidale park sunnidalepark Sunrise Sunset Tiffin Tiny Marsh Tip Tips togs toronto tree Trees Turtle twitter birding technology Wasaga Beach Water Water Lily waterfowl Wetlands Whiskey Jack Wildflower winter winter Barrie Woodpecker. Downy World Wetlands Day Worldwide Photowalk Wren Yellow Yellow-bellied Slider Zoom Blur

Entries in 365 (15)


Nature 10+1 - 1.38 "Mrs Hairy Woodpecker"

Shot in Oro ~ Canon 50D Handheld, EF 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS @400mm, f/5.6, 1/1600, ISO 640, EV + 1


Nature 10+1 - 1.30 "Junco on Cattail"

Shot at our place in Barrie ~ Canon 50D Tripod, EF 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 @400mm, f/5.6, 1/200, ISO 640

Project Feeder Watch Counts : Am Goldfinch (13), Dark-eyed Junco (9), Mourning Dove (4), BC Chickadee (3), House Finch (2), Purple Finch (1), Red-breasted Nuthatch (1), Cardinal (1), Downy Woodpecker (1)


Nature 365 - Day 223

Purple Loosestrife and Goldenrod - Shot in Barrie with the Lensbaby Composer


Nature 365 - Day 217

Great Blue Heron - Shot at Bear Creek Wetlands in Barrie


Nature 365 - Day 213

Preening Mallard - Shot downtown Barrie with the 100mm Macro


Nature 365 - Day 209

"Dharma Sumac" - Shot in Barrie

Day Three of the Nature 365 Challenge Week - Restricted to using the 50mm1.8 lens only.

Today went alright with using just the 50mm.  I had a good little session in the morning from which this picture was taken.  On my evening outing I was strongly considering bringing a telephoto with me "just in case" but didn't cave in.  I spent my time trying some panoramics while birds fluttered around me.  It was actually quite nice to be able to just watch the birds instead of lining them up for pictures. 

Next up - Lestat's Shoot, we have some interesting ideas brewing for our nighttime shoot tomorrow, so stay tuned.



Nature 365 - Day 201

Red-winged Blackbird - Shot at Sunnidale Park in Barrie





Nature 365 - Day 200

Chickory - Shot at Sunnidale Park in Barrie

Wow, 200 hundred days complete and a 165 to go! It has been a difficult project but we've had a wonderful time going through the experience.


Nature 365 - Day 196

Emerging Queen's Anne Lace - Shot at Sunnidale Park in Barrie


Nature 365 - Day 195

Mallard Family - Shot at Bear Creek Wetlands in Barrie


Nature 365 - Day 194

Blueberry - Shot at Samuel de Champlain PP near Mattawa, ON


Nature 365 - Day 193

Geese at Sunrise on Lake Moore - Shot at Samuel de Champlain PP


Nature 365 - Day 190

Budding Wild Bergamot - Shot at Bear Creek Wetlands in Barrie with the 100mm Macro.

We'll be posting some of the wonderful images from our first day with the new lens' shortly.


Nature 365 - Day 169

Female Indigo Bunting - Shot at Sunnidale Park in Barrie


Nature 365 - Day 168

Gray Catbird - Shot at Sunnidale Park in Barrie